To make your getaway here at Rebel Hill even more enjoyable we have a few
simple guidelines for our Guest......
No glass or sharp objects.

No roughhousing or horseplay

Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or

Pool closes at 10 PM

1.        Relax, have fun and fish all you want!
2.        We’re working on fish management in our ponds so
please, keep any catfish or perch you want and any bass under
14” but put the big guys back in the water.  If you catch a
Trophy fish and would like to get it mounted, check with
3.        Please do not clean the fish in the cabins.   Clean them
outside and put the guts and scales in the bucket provided.  
Throw the waste in the water for the catfish.  They’ll eat it as
fast as you throw it out there.
4.        Eat all the fish you want during your stay here with us.
5.        We do NOT allow fish to be taken home from Rebel
6.       Do not leave fish on stringer too long.  They will die,
especially in hot weather.
7.        No glass containers around the lake.
8.        Be careful with tackle.  Dogs, horses, geese and kids
can and will get hooked.
9.        Do not leave bait on hooks not being used.  Animals will
eat the hooks.
Vicki will be your wrangler during your stay at Rebel Hill.  
Vicki will come by your cabin and set up a time if you want to
go riding.  She’s has many years experience in the saddle.

1.        Please be on time for your ride.  Vicki usually has
several rides during the day.  Someone showing up late throws
the days’ schedule off for everyone.
2.        Prior to your ride, Vicki will give you the instructions
on how to mount and ride your horse if you have never ridden
before and will answer any questions you may have.
3.        We do NOT run or trot our horses!  We have spent
countless hours and money training these animals to be safe
with your children and family so that all our guests may enjoy
a safe ride without fear of a horse running away with them.
4.        If you run or trot while on a ride you will be removed
from your horse and instructed to walk back.

Pictures by Rocky Carver
© 2005 Rebel Hill Guest Ranch ~ All rights reserved

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